My name is Dr. Anna Sophie Kümpel and I am a researcher in the field of communication. Currently, I am working as an Assistant Professor („Juniorprofessorin“) at the Institute of Media and Communication at TU Dresden, Germany.

My research focuses on a broad spectrum of media uses and effects. Most of my recent projects deal with the use, dissemination, and perception of news and political information in algorithmically curated online environments, especially social media. Furthermore, I am interested in research on incivility and hate speech, particularly in questions of why users resort to incivility and what influences their perceptions of uncivil online communication. I consider myself to be an advocate for mixed methods research and routinely combine quantitative and qualitative designs to address my research questions. Also, I am very interested in questions related to Open Science and all the ways that can help us to make our research as transparent and accessible as possible.

This page contains information about me and my work as a communication researcher. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.